Yer killin’ me here, Bruce!

As regular readers of my blog are well aware, I’m on the road with my writing partner Sharon Morgan. We’re touring America to spread the word of our new book, Gather at the Table. Crowds are good. Response has been great. Lots of folks going home with a signed copy of the book in their hands.

We have just two appearances remaining in the Northeast portion of our tour: Wednesday, October 24 at Trinity Church in Boston, Massachusetts, and Thursday, October 25 at the Harriet Beecher Stowe Center in Hartford, Connecticut. We look forward with great anticipation to these two events.

At the same time…

Bruce and the E Street Band are also touring. I did catch a show in Detroit in April, just an 8-hour drive from where I spoke the previous day in Wisconsin – no big thang… but THIS week is killin’ me, Bruce! Today, October 23, Bruce plays two shows in Charlottesville, Virginia; less than two weeks after Sharon and I were there! He’ll play a free set this afternoon in support of President Obama’s re-election, and then a regular concert with the E Streeters tonight.

Thursday will be even MORE challenging! Sharon and I will be at the Stowe Center in Hartford at the same time, and just around the corner from the XL Center where Bruce and the Band will be rocking Hartford. I intend to take the high road; to take inspiration from this serendipitous crossing of our paths as Sharon and I share the good word from Gather at the Table at the Stowe Center.

It also helps to know that I have tickets to see Bruce in November in Vancouver and Portland…;o)