Upcoming Events and Appearances


    “Thomas DeWolf was invited to speak as part of our Arts and Lecture Series at Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College.  His lecture was challenging, riveting and extraordinarily well-received by the students, faculty, staff and community members who attended.   Tom’s message and experiences should be heard on all college campuses and his books would be perfect for a freshman readership program.”

    Jeff Malloy

    Dean of Students, Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College

    The feedback on our symposium, was it was the best one EVER…you were a big part of its success. First, thank you for what you do….it’s amazing. Second, keep doing it…our country needs this dialogue!!

    (in response to presentation and Workshops with co-author Sharon Morgan)

    Victor Bridgeman

    African American Forum Global Symposium, General Electric

    Your ability to link the effects of slavery and its systemic effects to present-day health inequities generated interest and participation from groups of people we have been trying to reach for many years. Of course, sharing the science and data solidified the information. Many Board members felt this particular event was one of our most successful, and working with you was easy and pleasurable.

    Alma Burrell

    Health Care Program Manager, Santa Clara County Public Health Department