Programs & Workshops

With honesty, humor, and compassion, Tom DeWolf has a decade of experience working with college students, corporate executives, and a variety of other audiences throughout the United States to explore effective ways to recognize, acknowledge, and confront intolerance, inequity, racism, and other forms of injustice in organizations, on campus, and in everyday life.

The four programs listed below are presented as examples. They are flexible and can be modified to meet needs specific to your organization, community or school. Programs can range from 1-3 hours up to weekend workshop length. Tom and/or his colleagues will work with you to meet your needs for issues to be addressed and desired outcomes for participants. (Note: for school programs, Tom and his colleagues make himself/themselves available to meet with individual classrooms – history, literature, writing, sociology, film, anthropology, etc. – in addition to the keynote presentation or workshop.

Coming to the Table Training Workshop

Tom and Jodie Geddes, co-authors of The Little Book of Racial Healing, offer practical, hands-on, experiential training workshops for your college or university, church, business or community group, based upon the elements and resources included in the book: trauma awareness & resilience, restorative justice, circle process, touchstones & values, history, connection, healing, and transformative action. Click here for sample workshop agenda and content.

Gather at the Table: A Healing Journey

Tom and Sharon Morgan, co-authors of Gather at the Table, present & keynote regularly at colleges, conferences, and corporate events. Against a backdrop of history and genealogy, this interracial team shares personal stories of intolerance and healing from their diverse perspectives, providing resources and examples for others to emulate in healing themselves and their communities. Program incorporates dramatic readings, audiovisual elements, audience participation.

Let's Talk About Race

Tom has spoken/presented with audiences large and small throughout the United States since his first book, Inheriting the Trade, was published by Beacon Press, and Traces of the Trade premiered at Sundance and on PBS, in 2008. Tom explores with participants present-day impacts from historic racism and oppression in the United States, how we got “from then to now” – how to confront intolerance, build resilience, support diversity, and break down walls that separate people and communities.

Traces of the Trade: Film Event

Tom is featured in the Emmy-nominated, PBS documentary Traces of the Trade: A Story from the Deep North, which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival. When you present a public screening of the film, followed by interaction/dialogue/Q&A led by Tom, your college or organization will be providing a catalyst for further dialogue, education and action in confronting racism and intolerance; for improving skills in promoting diversity, and increased understanding and acceptance of differences in people.