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December 1, 2022: Tom was interviewed on Talk Radio NYC on the program Dismantle Racism with Rev. Dr. TLC. They spoke about Coming to the Table, Inheriting the Trade, and how individuals can make a positive difference in dismantling racism. To watch their engaging conversation on YouTube, CLICK HERE.

September 29, 2022: Tom joined Ron Scott, director of cultural diversity and community outreach at the Wheeling, West Virginia YWCA, for a presentation at Ohio Public Library in Wheeling as part of the opening of the Civic Empathy Through History Exhibit.

October 2, 2020: The Little Book of Racial Healing reviewed in the Friends Journal, by Karen Heidenreich.

September 11, 2020: Jodie Geddes and Tom DeWolf interviewed for Virginia Tech University’s “VT Unfinished” program: an introduction to The Little Book of Racial Healing and Coming to the Table.

August 7, 2020: “Gather at the Table,” Bill Myers Inspires podcast interview with both Sharon Morgan and Tom DeWolf. Third in the series of three interviews.

July 31, 2020: “Black Ancestry,” interview with Sharon Leslie Morgan (Tom’s co-author of Gather at the Table), on Bill Myers Inspires podcast. This is the second of three interviews in the series.

July 27, 2020: “We’re Living Either in Love or Fear,” on Marlena Fiol’s “Becoming Who You Truly Are” podcast, a discussion of Coming to the Table, linkages between individual and collective healing, the differences between restorative and retributive justice, and the meaning of reconciliation in the context of healing wounds of racism.

July 24, 2020: “Inheriting the Trade: Slavery & Racism,” on Bill Myers Inspires podcast. This is the first of three interviews in the series.

July 14, 2019:Beto O’Rourke’s ancestors were slaveholders, records reveal,” by Debbie Nathan, for The Guardian. Tom was interviewed for this story in his capacity as Executive Director of Coming to the Table.

May 11, 2019: “Her ancestors were slaves. His were slave traders. They took a road trip to ‘confront that history,” Piya Chattopadhyay, host of “Out in the Open” on CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation; Canada’s equivalent of NPR) interviewed Sharon Morgan and Tom DeWolf, “The unlikely pair drove 6,000 miles in 30 days by following a map based on family genealogy.”

February 14, 2019: Read Tom’s latest Newsletter for updates on The Little Book of Racial Healing, upcoming training workshops, and more. To subscribe, sign up in the little blue box.

February 12, 2019: “Robin DiAngelo Talking White Fragility in My Town, with Security Guards,” by Tom DeWolf for Beacon Broadside.

January 23, 2019: Watch the Virtual Book Launch of Tom’s new book, co-authored with Jodie Geddes, The Little Book of Racial Healing. Sponsored by the Zehr Institute for Restorative Justice.


Articles & Interviews


April 4, 2018: On the 50th anniversary of his assassination, “Beacon Press Authors and Staff Reflect on the Legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr,” including co-authors Sharon Morgan and Tom DeWolf

April 26, 2017: Honestly Dawn podcast Episode 11: Racism, Part 2, an interview with Dawn Keegan, the 2nd in a 3-part series. Also listen to Part 1, Being Black, and Part 3, Being White.

January 22, 2017:Carnegie medal finalists” by Tina Winstead for The Daily Star. Tom’s book Gather at the Table (co-authored with Sharon Morgan) recommended by the American Library Association as a “read-alike” book for 2017 nominee The Firebrand and the First Lady, by Patricia Bell-Scott.

November 16, 2016: “Whitelash and Blacklash” by Sharon Morgan and Tom DeWolf. Blog post for Beacon Broadside (publisher of Gather at the Table). Our thoughts after the U.S. Presidential Election of 2016.

Fall 2015: “The Past is Present” by Tom and Sharon Morgan The historical trauma the United States does not want to talk about in Intersections: MCC Theory & Practice Quarterly. This entire issue focuses on Trauma and Resilience. Download the full issue here.

YesCover (Summer 2015)May 20, 2015: “His Ancestors Were Slave Traders and Hers Were Slaves. What They Learned About Healing from a Road Trip” is the lead article in the Summer Issue of Yes! Magazine; written by Tom and Sharon Morgan. The article sets the context for the issue and its theme: Make It Right, focused on the possibilities for deep societal healing, reconciliation, and reparation.

April 27, 2015: “Dear Ben Affleck, My Ancestors Were Slaveowners, Too” – Tom writes an open letter to actor Ben Affleck following the disclosure that Affleck requested that mention of a slave-owning ancestor be left out of the episode featuring him on the PBS series “Finding Your Roots.”

Front Yard2April 5, 2014: Tom was interviewed about his Gather at the Table journey with Sharon Morgan for C-Span’s “Cities Tour” focus on Bend, Oregon, which aired on Book TV.

April 4, 2014: Tom was interviewed on Central Oregon’s KBND in advance of his weekend segment on C-Span’s “Cities Tour” on Book TV. Click below to listen…


Gather at the Table

Interviews & Stories

March 9, 2018:LibertyCon 2018.” Tom DeWolf and Sharon Morgan presented the opening address for the Underground Railroad History Project’s LibertyCon 2018 in Albany, NY. They were interviewed, along with Mary Liz Stewart, Co-founder and Executive Director of URHP, by Joe Donahue on WAMC Northeast Public Radio.

February 6, 2018: “On the Issues: Mission Week.” Tom and his writing partner, Sharon Morgan, presented the keynote address for Mission Week at Marquette University in Wisconsin. They were interviewed for this program by Mike Gousha.

February 27, 2015: “Gather at the Table Revisited” an engaging, hour-long Blog Talk Radio interview with Sharon Morgan and Tom, by Bernice Bennett on her popular program “Research at the National Archives and Beyond.” The last time we did this program more than 10,000 people listened in.

August 20, 2013Gather at the Table called “brave and compelling” in the Fall 2013 issue of YES! Magazine. Read L

phillis-wheatleyJuly 19, 2013, Gather at the Table wins Phillis Wheatley Book Award for Best Nonfiction/Memoir & Biography!

April 15, 2013, Sharon and Tom interviewed on NPR’s Prime Time Radio by host Mike Cuthbert.

January 23, 2013, Part 2 of Tom & Sharon’s interview on “Uprising” on KPFK/Pacifica Radio in Los Angeles. You can listen to our interview with Sonali Kolhatkar here.

January 22, 2013, “Uprising” on KPFK/Pacifica Radio in Los Angeles, California. Listen here to Sharon’s and Tom’s interview with Sonali Kolhatkar.

January 7, 2013, “Weekday” on KUOW, Seattle’s NPR station. Listen here to Sharon’s and Tom’s interview with Steve Scher. From our perspective, one of the best interview experiences we’ve had.

December 25, 2012, “Tell Me More” on NPR. Listen here as guest host Celeste Headlee interviews Sharon and Tom about their journey and Gather at the Table.

MHP1October 21, 2012, Sharon and Tom were interviewed on the Melissa Harris-Perry Show on MSNBC. Their appearance comprised two full segments (plus a bit of Gangnam Style dancing at the end of the show; after which several of Tom’s friends suggested he never dance on national television again ? ).

Watch Part One here. Watch Part Two here.

October 8, 2012, “The Brian Lehrer Show” on WNYC, New York’s flagship public radio station. Sharon and Tom were interviewed for a segment titled “Slavery’s Legacy.” Listen here.

August 2, 2012, Kirkus Reviews magazine, “An instructive journey of reconciliation

Inheriting the Trade and

Traces of the Trade

July 14, 2008, “The Early Show” – live from the CBS studio, New York, N.Y. (estimated viewing audience of 3 million people)

Watch anchor Harry Smith interview Tom DeWolf, Katrina Browne, and Juanita Brown

May 10, 2013, Tom was interviewed by a daily Norwegian Newspaper .  If you read Norwegian, click here. Otherwise, you can read the answers Tom gave to the reporter in English here.

August 3, 2011, “From Slavery to Stardust: What Would Healing Look Like?” Listen to the highest quality production radio program Tom has ever participated in. Belvie Rooks, Dedan Gills (co-founders of Growing a Global Heart), and Tom led a workshop at the Bioneers Conference in October 2010. The session is highlighted in the Bioneers Revolution from the Heart of Nature radio program that is heard on more than 450 communities worldwide in 13 nations.

February 18, 2011, Tom was a featured speaker in Tulsa Community College’s “Civil War Sesquicentennial Commemoration Series,” and was interviewed by Loren Farr on the TCC television program Studio 21 (Part 1 and Part 2)

October 2010, Response, the magazine of United Methodist Women. UMW selected Inheriting the Trade as one of the featured books in their 2011 Reading Program. Author Tom DeWolf is interviewed for the article “Family Roots” by Yvette Moore.

October 12, 2010, The Royal Gazette, published in Bermuda. “The Slave Trade: A US Family Legacy” by Jessie Moniz, in connection with Tom DeWolf’s work in Bermuda October 18-21, 2010.

May 3, 2009, Denver Green Festival, Denver, Colorado. Watch presentation by Tom DeWolf and Belvie Rooks, “The Green of Black and White: Sustainable Healing from the Legacy of Slavery.”

Fall ’08/Winter ’09, PeaceBuilder Magazine, Harrisonburg, Virginia. “‘No’ to Cycle of Vengence,” by Tom DeWolf. The article begins on page 5. PeaceBuilder is the official alumni magazine of Eastern Mennonite University’s Center for Justice and Peacebuilding.

July 19, 2008, Book TV (C-Span 2). From the Langston Hughes Auditorium at the Schomburg Center, New York City, watch Tom DeWolf on Book TV (C-Span 2) at the 10th annual Harlem Book Fair. The panel discussion, “From the Door of No Return: The Bicentennial of the Abolition of the Transatlantic Slave Trade to the U.S.,” was moderated by Howard Dodson, Chief of the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture, and, in addition to Tom, included authors David Eltis, Roseanne Marion Adderley, and Sylviane A. Diouf.

February 26, 2008, Chicago, Ill. Listen to Tom DeWolf’s interview with Cliff Kelley of WVON radio.

February 20, 2008, Denver, Colo. Listen to Tom DeWolf and Keila DePoorter’s interview with Ryan Warner on Colorado Public Radio.

February 7, 2008, Denver Post, Inheriting the Trade makes #2 on local best-seller list, non-fiction, in Denver, Colorado

January 14, 2008, watch Tom DeWolf on Book TV (C-Span 2) broadcast from Linden Place in Bristol, Rhode Island