This is a cross-post of an announcement from earlier today at Gather at the Table.

The Foreword to Gather at the Table, written by Joy Angela DeGruy, has been available through a link on the home page of our website for the past two months. Now you can read the first chapter.

The just-published edition of Catalyst: A Social Justice Forum includes an excerpt from Gather at the Table, by Sharon Leslie Morgan and Thomas Norman DeWolf. Chapter 1, “The Recalcitrant Bat,” is one of five articles included in Volume 2, Issue 1 of the journal.

The article/chapter can be downloaded here.

We are honored to be included in this journal, as its audience, according to the Editor-in-Chief, “is interdisciplinary and involves people within and outside of academia who identify as community organizers, activists, researchers, etc.”

We hope that as a result of reading the first chapter in Catalyst, many people who may not have otherwise learned about Gather at the Table will be encouraged to read the whole book when it is published in October.

Within this issue, titled “Roads to Reconciliation”, the editors sought submissions from artists, scholars, and activists who would “take up the notion of reconciliation and… address the idea that even though laws can be changed, people’s hearts and minds do not always follow. This issue is comprised of five original articles that take the theme of reconciliation across peoples, nations and centuries.”

The mission of Catalyst: A Social Justice Forum is to bring together research and multimedia from multiple disciplines that is oriented toward the understanding and practice of social justice, broadly defined. By offering an innovative, peer-reviewed space that is open to rigorous research from all disciplines, as well as offerings from outside of academia, we hope to push the ideals of social justice to new levels.

We hope you enjoy Chapter 1. We encourage you to share it with your friends and colleagues. You can pre-order Gather at the Table here.