With the new book scheduled for publication on October 9, my writing partner Sharon Morgan and I have been updating our progress on our Gather at the Table blog much more than I have at this site. If you’re interested in reading about our writing progress, what it’s like to write a book… with another person… in partnership with an editor… and you aren’t connected with the GATT blog, I encourage you to read my latest post there (Page Proofs – our final writing task before…), and to subscribe to receive email notification of whenever something new is posted there.

We cover a wide variety of subjects in addition to the writing process; all connected in some way to the subject of our book: healing from the present-day traumatic wounds inflicted through the legacy of slavery and racism. We’re excited for October 9 to arrive, and for the multi-state, multi-month book tour that will ensue. We hope to see many of you then!