You might think that linking myself to famed spiritual author and speaker Deepak Chopra, Apollo 14 Astronaut Edgar Mitchell in the title of this post is intended as an “attention-getter” and you would be correct. It’s also accurate and I hope you’ll join us this summer.

Chopra and Mitchell are headline speakers at the Institute of Noetic Sciences 14th International Conference in San Francisco July 20-24.

IONS just announced that Dan Booth Cohen will join Belvie Rooks and me in our conference workshop presentation “Revisiting Slavery’s Legacy: What Would Healing Look Like?” (I recently read Dr. Cohen’s book I Carry Your Heart in My Heart: Family Constellations in Prison and recommend it for anyone interested in healing trans-generational trauma, including the legacy of the trauma of slavery and racism).

Learn more about the IONS Conference, and register, here.