Earlier this year I got connected through Facebook to Brooke Leigh Sheldon and Valli Keller via a friend of a friend (that’s how Facebook rolls, right?). Brooke asked if I wanted more communication than simply the FB connection. We set up a conference call for the three of us to discuss the online internet magazine they put out every week and the work that I do.

We talked for more than an hour and discovered many mutual interests. The result of our invigorating conversation is that we agreed that I would become one of the contributing authors for The Moments Count Journal. The core concept of the journal is the belief that “every person has a purpose and a power to change the world.” Brooke and Valli approach this mission from many perspectives: arts, science, people, and humor. They also include a focus on the eradication of modern-day slavery.

I encourage all my friends to check out The Moments Count Journal and to follow it on Facebook. By signing up for a free subscription, you’ll receive the Journal via email each week. It’s an inspiring gift to give yourself this holiday season…

If there is something you would like to change, something in your life or your world you want to be different than it is, seize that inspiration in the moment. Immediately begin the process of creating the change. Start with you. Start with your thoughts, your ideas, the pictures in your mind of how it can be well served by your contribution. Do not wait for tomorrow or next week. Begin the transformation in the moment of the enlightenment.