Fix your life for half price through this Friday! How’s that for a sales pitch?

You have until this Friday, November 19 to purchase Simply Raw and the 2-DVD set Raw for Life for $29.95. They also toss in a bunch of bonus materials. Lindi and I purchased this set and began to shift our lives in a much healthier direction.

I’ve written about my enthusiasm for the film Simply Raw before. I saw it for the first time when it and Traces of the Trade were both included in the Newport Film Festival in June 2008.

This film changed the way I think about food and my health. It changed Lindi’s and my diet. We aren’t on a total “raw” diet, not by a long shot. But we have incorporated a lot more raw foods into our diet and feel much better as a result.

I won’t repeat what I wrote in April. You can check that out here. I have no connection with these folks other than mutual respect. I receive no benefit for spreading the word about this sale other than knowing that my friends have the opportunity to improve your lives.

It’s well worth it.