Inheriting the Trade has been selected for “The Big Read” this summer and fall in Bermuda.

Last April, my cousin Katrina Browne–producer/director/writer of Traces of the Trade: A Story from the Deep North–was invited to Bermuda to present the film and speak with high school students and community members. Katrina spent several days there with the support of C.U.R.B. (Citizens Uprooting Racism in Bermuda).

C.U.R.B.’s name is its mission. They are people who believe in the fundamental human right of equality and who understand that racism continues to divide us. They work hard to ensure that the issue of racism stays in the forefront, and that ongoing, honest and open dialogue continues. People who participated in gatherings last April were so moved by the story of the DeWolf family and our journey as told in the film that C.U.R.B. wanted everyone in Bermuda to have the opportunity to see the film.

I’m excited to announce that CITV, the Government of Bermuda television station, in partnership with C.U.R.B. and Ebb Pod (the Traces of the Trade production company), has agreed to broadcast Traces every single day during the month of October. This is the first “Big Watch” in what Ebb Pod plans to become a regular program in coming years in communities throughout the United States and elsewhere.

In connection with the “Big Watch” and the “Big Read” I will spend several days in Bermuda in the latter part of October working with high school students and other Bermudians. I look forward to this opportunity to connect with more people around the world dedicated to undoing racism.

Visit the C.U.R.B. website:, check out their YouTube page, and join them on Facebook.