I’m not sure that anyone loves America more than Pete Seeger. He’s been a lifelong supporter of the labor movement. He was at the forefront in the struggle for Civil Rights. Pete and his music have been used to support peace and end war. He’s always been an active and vocal participant in cleaning up the environment. He used his influence to almost single-handedly insure that the Hudson River was restored to a state of health. He had the distinct honor of being blacklisted by HUAC.

I’ve started a photo album on my Facebook page called “Tom’s World View Influencers.” Whether you’re on Facebook or not you can see the photo album here. We each have stories about people that have influenced what we believe and who we have become. Today I added Pete Seeger to my growing collection of memories about people who made a difference in me.

I love Pete Seeger. I love his music and his message. I’ve seen him in concert, purchased his albums, and read about him in the media. Throughout my life I have been inspired by Pete. If you want to stop war; if you believe in clean water and air; if you love justice, if you want to undo racism, then you are a friend of Pete Seeger.

I recently watched Pete Seeger: The Power of Song. It’s available on DVD. Check it out on Netflix. We have much work to do to achieve justice. Pete points us in the right direction. I encourage you to watch this wonderful film.