We all want to be healthy. I think we can agree on that whether we agree with government efforts to reform access to health care or not. We each make a choice regarding our health every time we eat something. All this is pretty obvious, right? If there is one thing I want, health insurance or not, it is to be as healthy as possible so I don’t need to visit the doctor.

Two years ago at the Newport Film Festival in Rhode Island I saw a film called Simply Raw. I used to believe there was no cure for diabetes. I was wrong. Simply Raw follows six people with either Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes who agreed to go on a strictly natural and raw foods diet for 30 days. Several of them were completely off insulin at the end of 30 days. This is not a film only for people with diabetes. This is a film about our society and our health in general. It is about how we as individuals and as families consume ourselves to death and pass the habit onto our children AND some things we can do to change this trend.

I met the filmmakers and one of the subjects of the film in Newport. Simply Raw started me on a journey. I began learning more about food. I read books, perused websites, and watched films (like Food, Inc.). Then Lindi and I began to make changes to our diet. We haven’t gone crazy, but we have incorporated a lot more raw and fresh foods into our diet and have mostly eliminated what we’ve come to believe are harmful foods.

Today is the second annual “Reversing Diabetes Action Day.” Many folks in the raw and living foods community use today to highlight their cause; to spread accurate information about how to reverse type 2 diabetes naturally, and have a good effect on – including sometimes reversing – type 1 diabetes naturally, while also greatly benefiting weight loss, blood pressure, and mood. When they formed this day last year it was because they were tired of being excluded from World Diabetes Day by the drug company-funded organizers of the event. They decided that if they weren’t allowed to share accurate information in World Diabetes Day events that they’d form their own.

One of the benefits of this celebration of health is that between today and April 30 you can buy the film Simply Raw: Reversing Diabetes in 30 Days and the companion Raw for Life Encyclopedia for 50% off the regular price. They’ll also include $110.85 in additional bonuses (interviews, health and food preparation tips, and more). Total cost to you is about $30 plus shipping. If you only want Simply Raw, the cost is $14.97. This is the same deal that was offered about a year ago when Lindi and I picked up the DVDs and additional info. I highly recommend this for all my friends who want to live healthier lives.

No, we get no kick backs from this. I haven’t even spoken with the filmmakers for more than a year. We simply believe that Simply Raw will make the lives of people we care about better. Complete information on this 50% off offer is available here.

UPDATE: Want some compelling reasons to consider adding more fresh, raw, locally grown, organic foods to your diet? I just learned that PBS (P.O.V.) is streaming Food, Inc. in its entirety online for free through this Thursday, April 29. Watch it here now.