A new website was launched last week by The Tracing Center on Histories and Legacies of Slavery. The mission of The Tracing Center is “to create greater awareness of the vast extent of complicity in slavery and the transatlantic slave trade and to inspire acknowledgment, dialogue and active response to this history and its many legacies. We do this for the purpose of racial and economic justice, healing, and reconciliation, for the benefit of all.”

Also new this past week on the Coming to the Table website are four brief YouTube videos that highlight the four stages of the Coming to the Table approach that address the legacies and aftermaths of slavery in the US as well as other historic harms: Facing History, Making Connections, Healing Wounds and Taking Action. In these videos you’ll meet many of my friends who are working to undo the systems of oppression that continue to impact all of us (even when we don’t recognize it).

I hope you’ll find these new resources inspiring and helpful in your own healing journey.