I just finished reading “Illness Speaks: Healing from Cancer, Addiction and Racism in the Age of Rush Limbaugh” by Molly Secours.

I hope many, many people across the country will read this profound article and recognize that no matter how right we are in our indignation at people we disagree with, our righteous indignation will not lead to peace or healing. Please take the time to read Molly’s commentary, and add your comments to it, re-post it to your Facebook page and/or blog. Spread the word!

The paradox is that without vulnerability we may never muster the courage to confront ourselves and as a result, continue to obsess and demonize the ‘enemy’. Without ample reflection our all-consuming outrage and judgment of others is often a cover for our own disappointment and shortcomings.

Thank you, Molly. May God bless you always…