belvie & tom-2When Belvie Rooks asked me to join her for a presentation at the Denver Green Festival earlier this year I jumped at the opportunity. Working with Belvie in both Denver and at the Institute of Noetic Sciences conference in Tucson have been true highlights of my travels throughout the United States this year.

The Green Festival is focusing on the intersection between environmental justice and social justice. We titled our presentation, “The Green of Black and White: Sustainable Healing from the Legacy of Slavery.” But as our conversation on stage unfolded it became clear that the question we were asking is, “What does healing look like?”

Some folks talk about healing from the legacy of slavery and Jim Crow. Others talk about getting over it. Some talk about just moving on. But what does it look like? Undoing racism, creating justice, peace, and reconciliation. What does it LOOK like? How will we know when we’ve achieved it?

I don’t know all the answers, but I’m glad to have Belvie Rooks as a partner and ally in the journey. You can now watch our presentation online here. I’d appreciate hearing what you think.