banging_headI’ll participate in my first online chat with other writers, aspiring writers, and book lovers tomorrow (Sunday) evening, September 6. The Writer’s Chatroom will host the two hour conversation beginning at 7:00pm eastern time (4:00pm pacific).

To join in the conversation, or to simply watch others chat, click on Enter Chatroom and login. To login just type in a user name (any name works if you want to use a name other than your own). Leave the password space blank. Then click on “login” and you’ll be routed to the conversation. The link only works once the chat begins.

The goal of The Writer’s Chatroom is to help its members grow and advance their own writing careers. They host online chats with published authors on Sunday evenings as well as other forums where members gather “virtually” to chat and support each other between author chats.

The Writer’s Chatroom hosts a blog (read my essay “Spreading the Virus“), offers a Tools and Resources page with hundreds of links to courses, markets, contests and information writers will find useful. I’ve enjoyed getting to know the folks behind the scenes and sitting in on a few chats. It’s all very cool. They offer writing information and resources I suspect many published authors wish someone had offered them when they were starting out.

See you online Sunday!