Susan BoyleEach morning I receive a “note from the Universe” to begin my day with a reminder of life’s magic and divinity, that dreams come true, all things are possible, and that my thoughts become things (so choose good thoughts).

Since appearing on Britain’s Got Talent a week and a half ago, a self-proclaimed 47-year old unemployed, unmarried (and never been kissed) woman who lived with her mother until she passed away a few years ago and now lives alone with her cat Pebbles, has proven once again that thoughts do indeed become things. Susan Boyle does not fit the image of a professional singer. Upon first seeing her the word “frumpy” came to mind. Nothing about her–hair, dress, body type, eyebrows–fits the image of a “winner.”

She displayed confidence. “I’ve always wanted to perform in front of a large audience. I’m going to make that audience rock.” But the looks on the faces of the three judges (including Simon Cowell from American Idol) as well as audience members the camera focused on revealed a universal belief that poor Susan would be laughed off the stage.

Then she began to sing. If you are not among the 33 million people who have watched her performance on YouTube over the past ten days I urge you to take a few minutes to watch it now. (After you’re blown away by her performance you can also listen to Susan sing “Cry Me a River” from a small 1999 charity performance.)

I’m certain that Susan Boyle will get a recording contract. She’ll no doubt soon have a publicist and marketing firm that will result in her receiving a “makeover” to enhance her so she fits the mold of our expectations as an audience. The “professionals” will remake her image. And thanks to YouTube the moment Susan’s dream came true–in all its true simplicity–will be forever available. This is the image we can all remember and from which we can take inspiration.

I’d love to hear from anyone who is not powerfully moved by what you witness so I can recommend a good psychologist for you.