img_2315.JPGI got such a kick seeing Thavisouk Phrasavath on television at the Oscars tonight. His film, Nerakhoon–The Betrayal, was up for Best Documentary this evening. I met him at the Sundance Film Festival last January. I LOVED his film (he co-directed, co-wrote, starred and narrated). I attended three film festivals this year at which both Nerakhoon and Traces of the Trade were featured so I saw Thavisouk pretty regularly on the documentary circuit.

Having participated in the making of a documentary I am in awe of the commitment and dedication of those who fulfill their dream of making them.

I was torn this evening among the three films I discussed previously here. I was pleased that Man on Wire won the category. Philippe Petit–the man who climbed out on a wire illegally strung between the World Trade Center towers in 1974; which is the subject of Man on Wire–spoke to those of us in the audience after his film was screened at the Newport Film Festival in Rhode Island last summer. It’s a great film that you should see when you get the chance. Hopefully the Oscar nominations will result in increasing your interest in seeing Man on Wire, Nerakhoon, and Trouble the Water.

In the category of the more “highly visible” awards I must say that Kate Winslett and Sean Penn both gave incredibly moving and gracious acceptance speeches.

One final note: Richard Jenkins was nominated for Best Actor in The Visitor. This is one of Lindi’s and my favorite movies this year. Watch the preview here. It’s a wonderful little film and you should rent it right away. Seriously. I’m done now so you can quit reading and go rent The Visitor.