Last week I was honored to be invited to participate in a live teleseminar, ConverZations That Matter, with host Belvie Rooks, to discuss Inheriting the Trade and the legacy of slavery.

As luck would have it our teleseminar took place the same evening that Bill Clinton and Joe Biden were addressing the Democratic Convention in Denver. So for anyone who missed the teleseminar and would like to hear our discussion, The Institute of Noetic Sciences has graciously given permission for us to post it here. The first part includes the conversation Belvie and I had to open the teleseminar. The second part is the follow-up conversation I had with those who participated (from Canada, New York, San Diego, and even one from Oregon).

This recording was produced by Shift in Action, a program of the Institute of Noetic Sciences. Shift in Action features the largest web library on conscious change, including work from more than 350 inspiring leaders such as Deepak Chopra. For more information, visit, or you can listen to free samples of their weekly teleseminars here.