P.O.V. set up a blog post where people can ask questions of me after watching Traces of the Trade on PBS. They’ve done the same thing for people to ask Katrina Browne and her film production colleagues questions in “ask the filmmaker.” Both blog post sites have exploded with interest. More than fifty new questions/comments have been directed my way in the past 24 hours. P.O.V. is also giving 25 people who write such comments a signed copy of my book. Deeply thoughtful comments and questions are being posted. I encourage you to check them out.


I also encourage you to jump into the conversation at the Traces of the Trade Discussion Forum.

One of the biggest goals we’ve had throughout this journey is to deepen–and widen–the conversation regarding the legacy of slavery and what we have all inherited as a result. It is great to see that happening right now.

Please join us!