The e-mail newsletter for Bill Moyers Journal has announced that tomorrow’s show (Friday, June 20 on PBS) “examines racial inequality in America through the prisms of the legacy of slavery and the current socio-economic landscape. The program previews TRACES OF THE TRADE which premieres on PBS’ documentary series P.O.V. on Tuesday.”

I can’t currently locate all the information from the e-mail on Moyers’ website, but my understanding is that several minutes of film clips from Traces will be featured and Moyers will get perspectives from both historical and cultural sociologist Orlando Patterson, and Glenn C. Loury–who appears in Traces of the Trade–an economist and expert on race and social division. I don’t believe any family members or filmmakers will be interviewed.

Also, “Bill Moyers interviews Douglas Blackmon, the Atlanta bureau chief of the WALL STREET JOURNAL, about his latest book SLAVERY BY ANOTHER NAME, which looks at an ?age of neoslavery? that thrived from the aftermath of the Civil War through the dawn of World War II.”

If I receive additional information I’ll add it. Check with your local PBS station for airtime in your area.