Thanks to Caroline Webb, who added a comment to the end of my last post–Preview of Traces of the Trade at P.O.V. blog–asking “Where is the blog entry re: To the Best Of Our Knowledge radio program? I heard it last night on KQED in the Bay Area, California. It is because of that program that I found your site and your book. But your website is not mentioning this absolutely incredibly good program made by Wisconsin Public Radio…

The reality is that Katrina has done several interviews that I’m unaware of and I’ve done several that she’s unaware of. We live on opposite sides of the country and we’re both incredibly busy both in collaboration with each other and the rest of our family and colleagues, as well as separately. So I didn’t know about this one.

And holy smokes! This is really worth listening to. The program is called “The New Abolitionists.” Katrina’s interview is just one piece of a 52-minute program. It begins with a focus on modern-day slavery that includes interviews with Maria Suarez telling about the five years she spent as a slave, with Benjamin Skinner talking about his book A Crime So Monstrous about modern day slavery that I’m currently reading, with Adam Hochschild, who wrote Bury the Chains about the anti-slavery movement two centuries ago, with Muhammad Yunus, who won the Nobel Peace Prize for his work to eliminate poverty through micro-loans, and with my dear cousin Katrina Browne talking about our journey through Traces of the Trade.

Really… Truly… take a little less than an hour and listen to this. It is a powerful set of interviews that shines light from many perspectives on issues that have made–and will make–a difference in the world.