As I continue to learn about the business end of the book world I’ve become quite intrigued (and impressed) by how publicity works and how word spreads. My publicist at Beacon Press, Leah Riviere, continues to do an amazing job of outreach to various media as well as supporting my book tour. Within the next week or so we’ll update my schedule page on the website with several events in April, May, and June.

In February, due to Leah’s outreach, Inheriting the Trade was reviewed by The Oregonian newspaper, America, the national Catholic weekly magazine, At The Crossroads newsletter, and the Christian Science Monitor. This is in addition to the many stories and interviews that have appeared.

The review in the Christian Science Monitor is the one that gives this blog post its title. It has been picked up by the Star-Telegram in Fort Worth, Texas, the News Tribune in Tacoma, Washington, the Sacramento Bee in California, the Centre Daily Times in State College, Pennsylvania, The Press of Atlantic City, New Jersey, the Tri-City Herald in Washington, the Charlotte Observer in North Carolina, the Telegraph in Macon, Georgia, the Herald-Leader in Lexington, Kentucky, and many more (but I don’t want to develop Carpal Tunnel syndrome OR bore you).

A few months back I read a book by Seth Godin titled Unleashing the Ideavirus, in which the author suggests that, contrary to traditional marketing concepts, information is most effectively spread by creating an environment where ideas are spread from person to person (rather than solely from marketers to customers). He says successful marketing of the future will be a matter of igniting networks of people and then getting out of the way. More and more I’m hearing from people around the United States who have heard about Inheriting the Trade and Traces of the Trade from their friends as much as by reading, seeing, or hearing about it in the media.

The media continues to create an effective environment for people to become aware of our journey, and this will undoubtedly grow tremendously once P.O.V., the acclaimed documentary series, announces when Traces of the Trade will be broadcast on PBS (which I’ve heard will be in June). Yet this is only the beginning of our collective journey to impact the hearts and minds of viewers and readers.

The media, along with the many supporters of Traces of the Trade and Inheriting the Trade, have definitely ignited networks of people. Many folks around the United States continue to communicate widely about our film and book and the message of hope we share. Whether you’re sending e-mails, blogging, or calling your aunt in Omaha, it is your efforts in telling your family, friends and colleagues that will ultimately reach people who haven’t been reached by the media. And your efforts with people who know you are the most effective.

Our “family of ten” from Traces of the Trade and Inheriting the Trade continues to be blessed by all the assistance we’ve received, and continue to receive, in spreading the word. Please keep it up!

Thank you.