I was invited to speak this evening as part of the President’s Speakers Series at California State University at Monterey Bay. President Dianne Harrison asked me to participate and it was an amazing experience. I met with over 100 students this afternoon. Our Q&A was scheduled to last about 45 minutes and lasted close to an hour and a half. The lecture this evening was attended by roughly 200 people. I interspersed readings of excerpts of the book with a few clips from the film. After I finished, a professor from the university, Umi Vaughan joined me on stage for a discussion of some of the key issues we raise in the film and the book.

Tonight was one of the most powerful experiences (among many) I’ve had on my book tour. There is something about being on a university campus. I remember this feeling when I was at Duke University last month. Students are hungry to discuss issues of import. Faculty and community members are engaged. It is just invigorating and gives me great hope that we’re on the right path.