What an amazing honor to be here for the Sundance Film Festival. Though I wasn’t at the awards ceremony, I was told that as Quentin Tarantino presented one of the awards he said, “When I was here with Reservoir Dogs (1992), I won nothin’! Here’s to everyone who was chosen to be here!”

The film that took the Grand Jury Prize for Documentary Film Making was Trouble the Water, a story of human resilience in the face of the Katrina hurricane and its aftermath. The Documentary audience favorite award went to Fields of Fuel, a doc about the worldwide oil crisis. I didn’t see either one and now look forward to seeing both. With more than 120 films being screened at Sundance I am surrounded by amazing riches in film making and the reality that I can only see so many movies.

And if I knew how to upload pictures to this blog (James assures me I’ll learn at some point), I would share with you photos of¬†Thavisouk Phrasavath (director of Nerakhoon: The Betrayal) and Quentin Tarantino from the closing party this evening.

Now I look forward to a good night’s sleep and an early shuttle to the airport for my flight to Denver. I’m left with gratitude that the focus brought to Traces of the Trade by the Sundance Film Festival will raise awareness about our journey and support our outreach with its message.