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Fix Racism! the 10-point guide

Posted December 9th, 2010 by

We’re excited to announce that ours is one of the websites where you can now download–FOR FREE–the “I Can Fix It” guide to ending racism developed by author/artist/speaker damali ayo.

You may have heard of damali’s books (How to Rent a Negro is a satirical look at race relations; Obamistan: Land Without Racism is her humorous guide to the new America), or watched her on ABC News or The O’Reilly Factor. She’s funny, thought-provoking, a little irreverent, and someone who can take the challenging issue of “race” and help others deal with it more effectively than they have previously.

Two thousand people were asked for five things individuals can do to end racism. The “I Can Fix It!” 10-point guide (five steps each for white people and people of color) is the result.  Damali has graciously given her permission for us (and several others) to offer this free guide to visitors to our website. Feel free to download, print, and utilize this guide to support your own journey—and those of your friends and colleagues—toward ending racism.

As damali says, “The guide is a fun, friendly way to deal with the nagging problem of racism. Spread the word – mess with people, make people laugh, cry, think, feel and most of all – change.”

The free download is available here. Thanks, damali!

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