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Dr. King’s Dream may be a Nightmare for some

Posted April 4th, 2011 by Tom

In addition to publishing my books, Beacon Press gives me the opportunity to discuss important issues on their wonderful blog Beacon Broadside. Today (April 4) I was asked to write an essay in connection with the 43rd anniversary of the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Read the column here.

Lots of folks feel comfortable believing in King’s dream of a wonderful world where the color of our skin matters less than the content of our character. Fewer are comfortable discussing King’s proposition that our country was on “the wrong side of a world revolution” of oppressed peoples.

I encourage you to ponder how we can continue to blind ourselves to Dr. King’s radical beliefs and still pretend to honor him.


Stupid, stupid white people…

Posted June 19th, 2010 by Tom

The editor of Beacon Broadside–the blog of my publisher Beacon Press–asked me to write an essay in connection with Juneteenth. The request came just after an incident in which my friend Sharon Morgan was subjected to a stupid, racist comment about President Obama by a white guy at the Post Office in the small town where she recently moved. So the focus of my essay shifted just a bit…

You can read the post here.

The passing of a man who made a difference: Theodore Sizer (1932-2009)

Posted October 23rd, 2009 by Tom

theodore-sizerLast November I was privileged to participate with my dear friend and colleague Juanita Brown in a presentation before the Coalition of Essential Schools Fall Forum in Charlotte, North Carolina. Juanita worked for CES for a time. It is through her that I learned of this incredible organization. If you are not aware of CES and and its founder, Theodore Sizer, I hope you’ll take a few moments to click on the links in this post and find out.

So, who is Ted Sizer? Alexander Hoffman offers as good a description as I’ve run across:

Ted Sizer was a critic and trouble maker. He looked at our schools, all of our schools, and said in essence, not good enough and we are doing it wrong.

He didn’t mean the bad schools. And he didn’t mean achievement gaps. He meant all schools. He meant the good schools too, even the best schools.

So, who the hell was Ted Sizer? He was a visionary educator and critic of our schools, a real giant who was influential enough to get a 1000+ word obituary in yesterday’s New York Times and numerous other tributes and articles this week.

Ted Sizer was also an author whose books, I am honored to say, were distributed by my publisher, Beacon Press. Here’s what my friends at the Beacon Broadside had to say.

Theodore Sizer was one of the good guys who I suspect many people have never heard of. I know for a fact that his life impacted many others and will continue doing so far into the future.

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