I have been involved in arranging five speakers series at our college and can say without hesitation that Tom DeWolf stands out as one of the best we’ve had.”

— Audrey Alcorn, Associate Professor of Sociology; Tulsa Community College, Oklahoma


It was a pleasure working with Tom. He was very easy to work with and was helpful in the planning of our event. Tom was able to engage the students and leave a lasting impression through his powerful stories and experiences. I would definitely recommend Tom; he was able to connect with students and build a rapport with them within minutes.”

— Samantha Saeger, Student Involvement Specialist, Moraine Park Technical College, Wisconsin


Tom DeWolf joined the National Constitution Center for two programs on Inheriting the Trade. We average 52 programs a year and I have to say that this evening stands out in my mind. I am extremely proud of the conversation we had at the Center that night. The conversation between Tom and the other guests was powerful and remarkably honest. Our 200-seat auditorium was packed for both programs. The audience reaction was very positive. I remember our program with Tom as one that I was particularly proud to be a part of.”

— Robin Morris, National Programs Coordinator, National Constitution Center, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Our community is generally supportive of racial tolerance, but we are not always self-reflective in a way that contributes to progress. Tom opened that conversation for us in a way that invited everyone to honestly look at their own capacity for growth and change. Students, faculty, staff and community were honored to have him and greatly appreciated his work. He is extremely professional and I appreciated the chance to give him input beforehand on the makeup and history of our community, which he then researched and referenced in his lecture—very impressive!

— Eileen Yoshina, Director of Diversity and Equity, South Puget Sound Community College, Olympia, Washington


“Thank you for all the outreach you accomplished in your short stay in Bermuda.  Through presentations at four schools, two public meetings, a number of smaller private meetings, plus the numerous media opportunities, your message has reached and raised the awareness of thousands of individuals on the island to the need for racial justice work. Your hard work and commitment to racial justice has been an inspiration to us all and you have made many new friends in Bermuda.” 

— Lynne Winfield, President, Citizens Uprooting Racism in Bermuda (C.U.R.B.)


“Tom was an excellent presenter; he is an engaging speaker and very kindly stayed past his allotted time to talk with audience members who had more questions or just wanted to chat with him.”— Kara Oakleaf, Fall for the Book Festival, George Mason University, Fairfax, Virginia

Audience comments from Fall for the Book Festival:

  • “Personable, comfortable presenter”
  • “Liked his unifying theme, and challenge to the audience to ‘dig deeper.’”
  • “His story was enlightening”
  • “I especially enjoyed that his stories were told from the heart.”


Mr. DeWolf’s visit was a perfect kick-off to our RACE Exhibit Initiative.  He expressed powerful insights and inspired thought-provoking discussions.  I have no doubt that his two days in Kalamazoo will serve as a catalyst for continued dialogue and meaningful action within the community.

— Donna Odom, President, Southwest Michigan Black Heritage Society, Kalamazoo, Michigan


“‘Powerful,’ ‘Profound,’ and ‘awakening’ were just a few words that people who attended Tom’s program used to describe their experience. Tom was willing to stay in the auditorium until everyone who desired to had a chance to visit with him and connect on a personal level. We were so very fortunate to have Mr. DeWolf on our campus.”

— Creston C. Lynch, Assistant Director of Student Involvement and Diversity, The University of Alabama at Birmingham


After both your presentations I was aware of a shift in the social climate of the room. From a room full of individuals we became a community! The attendees have had much to think about since your talk. I think folks especially appreciated how you made connections with the local scene.

— Sister Judith Smits, Director, The Quest for Social Justice, Mobile, Alabama


I have occasionally come across projects that have the potential to serve as a catalyst to bring about significant change and have lasting impact. These powerful projects are all too rare but when we identify them, I believe it is crucial that we do everything we can to ensure they are used in the broadest manner. [Tom’s] work is a concrete example of a process that promises to move us all, as a nation, forward.”

Alyce Myatt, Executive Director, Grantmakers in Film + Electronic Media, Baltimore, Maryland


It was our great pleasure to host Tom DeWolf’s presentation as part of our President’s Speaker Series at California State University, Monterey Bay. Tom’s presentation was a heartfelt, well-researched exploration of some of the ways issues of race interweave themselves into the fabric of our daily lives over generations in ways that are sometimes subtle, yet always profound.”— Joseph S. Cardinalli, Director, World Theater, California State University Monterey Bay, California


The theme of the Johnson Lecture Series was “Ushering in a New Era,” to which Tom De Wolf spoke most powerfully.  In speaking to the unlit portions of our history with honesty and humility, he indeed was helping to usher in a new understanding of racial history in the United States.  His openness evoked powerful responses from our participants about their own struggles with race, creating a rare exchange among members of diverse backgrounds.  It was truly one of our most memorable lectures to date.”

— Jacquelyn Benton, Facilitator, Johnson Lecture Series, Denver, Colorado


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