Gather at the Table

Gather at the Table: A Model of Healing

Bryant's Grocery, Money, Mississippi

The program: 50-minute presentation followed by 30-40 minute interactive discussion featuring Gather at the Table authors/speakers Tom DeWolf and Sharon Leslie Morgan. Against a backdrop of social history and genealogy, this interracial team shares personal stories of intolerance and healing from their diverse perspectives, providing a model for others to follow in healing themselves and their communities. Program incorporates dramatic readings, audiovisual elements, audience participation (storytelling and Q&A), and follow-up email to participants with resources for long-term actions. Program and outcomes can be modified to meet the needs of different organizations and audiences.

1) Connecting Historical Dots

Learning Outcomes:

  • Gain knowledge and understanding about aspects of America’s hidden past and traumatic, unhealed wounds that relate directly to present-day racism and slavery.
  • Cite multiple examples that connect past wounds to present-day inequity and/or injustice.
  • Acquire resources for the study of family history/genealogy, leading to an enhanced understanding of personal connection to American and/or world history.

2) Breaking the Cycle

Learning Outcomes:

  • Define and understand trauma in new ways that explain how terror and oppression committed in the past continue to traumatize individuals and communities today.
  • List common responses to traumatic events as articulated in the Strategies for Trauma Awareness and Resilience (STAR) “Cycles of Violence” model (acting in/acting out).
  • Acquire skills to interpret and improve responses to traumatic experiences.

3) Healing Ourselves and Others

Learning Outcomes:

  • List the four aspects of the Coming to the Table healing model (history, healing, connection, action), and explain why all four are necessary to the healing process.
  • Acquire introductory knowledge of Epigenetics; how traumatic wounds of the past impact people today
  • Cite 3-5 actions one can take to achieve healthier individuals and communities.

Optional Workshop Additions

  •  Beginning Genealogical Research: information and services to help participants explore and appreciate family history and culture. As Sharon’s Our Black Ancestry site notes, we “empower our future by honoring our past.”
  • Effective Story Telling: stories communicate our values. The elements of effective storytelling allow us to share our wisdom and inspire others with the courage to act.
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