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Philadelphia City Paper cover story on Traces of the Trade: “Slavers in the Family”

Posted April 2nd, 2008 by

The Philadelphia City Paper is published weekly on Thursdays. The cover story for the April 3 edition focuses on Traces of the Trade in advance of the upcoming screenings of the film at the Constitution Center on April 24.

The reporter, Sam Adams, interviewed Katrina Browne, a Philadelphia native, and me to discuss the film, the book, and the focus Traces has on the legacy of slavery and the need for healing as well as dismantling systemic racism and other forms of inequity and injustice in these United States.

Rather than write anymore, here’s a link to the posting by my 7th cousin once removed, and fellow Traces traveler, James DeWolf Perry on his blog: Impertinent Questions. He wrote such a comprehensive posting covering the significant points so well that there’s no need for me to duplicate what James has already done (thanks, cousin!)…

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