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Pause for a Celebrity Moment

Posted January 20th, 2008 by

Okay, we’re here in Sundance for a serious purpose: to promote Traces of the Trade in order to spread the message of our journey. That said, several people have asked me which actors and other celebrities we’re encountered. So in the interest of being broad-minded about everyone’s interests (admittedly including my own), here’s a list of actors and directors we’ve seen to date. I passed both Alan Rickman and Stanley Tucci on Main Street in Park City. Steve and Dedrick sat near Quentin Tarantino and Sandra Oh at the film they saw today. Katrina and I attended the P.O.V. brunch today which was also attended by Patti Smith. She’s here promoting her film Patti Smith: Dream of Life, which premiered today at Sundance and will be shown on PBS by P.O.V.

Okay, enough already. Back to more serious concerns, like the fact that we now have 12 people sleeping under one roof for the next few nights. And I thought I knew these people well before. It’ll all work out in spite of the tight quarters. We’re all anticipating an amazing day tomorrow. Now if Elly and Holly would just get here so we could get to sleep. Their planes arrived on time. Now if the shuttle driver can just find this place in the dark…

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