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Inheriting the Trade audio book named one of 2008’s “finest releases” by Publisher’s Weekly

Posted January 5th, 2009 by

Publisher’s Weekly announced today their “Listen Up Awards“–the best audio books for 2008. The four books named the best audio releases of 2008 were The Chopin Manuscript, Lush Life, The Story of Edgar Sawtelle, and When You Are Engulfed in Flames.

Also named were the “finest releases” in various categories. Inheriting the Trade was named one of ten “finest releases” in the Bio/Memoir category.

Congratulations to Brilliance Audio, publisher of the audio version of Inheriting the Trade, for The Chopin Manuscript being selected as one of the four best audio releases of the year as well as having ten audio books among the “finest releases” of 2008.

I thank Brilliance Audio for publishing Inheriting the Trade and for having faith in this first time author to record my own manuscript. Special thanks to Associate Publisher Eileen Hutton, sound engineer Matthew Christilaw, and to the talented director who was supportive beyond belief, Jim Bond. Your faith in this project is especially important to me for those people who are vision-impaired and are able to listen to Inheriting the Trade because of you.

Thank you and congratulations. Brilliance Audio is the best.

2 responses to “Inheriting the Trade audio book named one of 2008’s “finest releases” by Publisher’s Weekly”

  1. Rick Roche says:


    Thank you for your kind comments on my review. I did not specify on the posting, but I had listened to the audiobook on compact discs, which I enjoyed very much.

    I have been a participant in setting up a community "big read" in the past several years. We pick a book and there are book discussions and programs at our ten libraries in the western suburbs of Chicago. I am going to recommend your book for consideration in 2010. Do you speak at libraries? I don't know if the others would agree to such a serious topic, but I think it would be great to do. Discussions for next years program do not start for a while, but I like to think ahead. If you are interested, please let me know.

    Good luck with all your efforts. Thanks again.

    Rick Roche, Head of the Adult Services Dept
    Thomas Ford Memorial Library
    800 W Chestnut Street
    Western Springs, IL 60558

  2. Tom says:

    Hi Rick,

    Thanks for writing back! I definitely speak at libraries and would love to join you in Chicago. We have a similar program where I live each year. I had the pleasure of meeting Khaled Hosseini several years ago when The Kite Runner was new and selected for our community. I'll e-mail you separately to further our discussion.

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