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ABC Nightline investigates child slavery: Tuesday, July 8

Posted July 6th, 2008 by

This Tuesday (two days from when I write these words), ABC’s Nightline television show explores modern-day slavery. I was alerted to this special investigative report by David Crumm, who has a blog called “Read the Spirit” and has been in touch with James Perry and me for the past several weeks.

David will be running an interview running an in-depth interview at his blog this Tuesday and Wednesday with David Batstone, founder of Not for Sale — about his network’s latest projects in combatting slavery. Batstone was Executive Editor of Sojourners Magazine, which he left in 2006 to write the book Not for Sale and to found his Not for Sale network that has 40,000 members.

Theirs is a campaign to end slavery in our lifetime.

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